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Adnan Dedic’s from humble beginnings to unprecedented success in Real Estate

“Adnan shows the most consistent hard work and dedication to his real estate business. Real estate is not a 9-5 job where you clock in and out, and Adnan really embraces that by always being communicative with his clients. He leans into being available and ready and moving quickly them- which is critical with a market like the one we’ve dealt with over the past few years. He goes beyond just facilitating the process of buying or selling a home, and truly partners with his clients to help them understand the market so they can make the smartest investments for whatever they are trying to achieve. That kind of work ethic is like a diamond in this industry,”
– said Wesley Grainger.


Who Am I

I am a real estate entrepreneur and public speaker.

Before I was born, my mother, my sister, and aunt had to go into hiding in Bosnia after my father was captured by Serbian authorities. They eventually managed to escape to Germany, and soon after my father was able to escape and reunite with them. Once my family was all back together, we packed one backpack full of clothes for my parents, myself, and my sister to share. These were the only possessions we had the means to bring into our new home.

I remember my parents only getting three hours of sleep a night because of how many different jobs they were working just to keep our family afloat. Their struggles showed me the difference between living and surviving, and I promised myself that I would create a future that would be better for all of us one day.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Public Speaker

As those who know him project, he is destined for greatness – those who don’t, can find solace in learning what humble beginnings like those of Adnan Dedic’s can produce. No matter where they stand in life, Dedic will serve as a source of motivation for people of all demographics as he builds his empire like the rose that grew from concrete.

“Adnan is a not just a realtor, he’s a motivator. His story shows that it’s possible for someone to achieve what he has, on their own, no matter where they start out. His grit and determination to continue building a business in real estate takes serious mental toughness. Deals fall through, people change their minds, and it can happen after lots of work has been put forth. This can be especially frustrating, but Adnan always shows perseverance. His success and ability to overcome challenges in the industry speaks to his belief in himself and his fire to always find a way. He is the person I know I can go to when I need help working through any type of issue.”
– said Alex Gunderson.

in the COUNTRY


sold in 2023 in Southwest Florida.


sold in 2022 in Southwest Florida.

$43.5 Million

sold In 2021 In Southwest Florida.

200+ homes

sold by Adnan Dedic.


5 star reviews.

#1 Brokerage

in the country

$254 Billion

sold company wide in 2021


“Adnan is living proof of how dedication and fearless pursuit pays off, and that everything is a journey. He didn’t start in real estate and list a million-dollar property on his first day, it has been a progression of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. When things were challenging, he didn’t shy away. He dug in and stuck with it, and in this generation that is a hard quality to find.”

– said Austin Kent.